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4 reasons to keep your LinkedIn profile polished and ready

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If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, you’re in a small minority. As the world’s largest professional network with over 562 million users globally, it’s pretty hard to ignore.

But it’s how you actually treat that profile that counts. Perhaps you poured hours into inputting your details when you joined, but haven’t touched it since. Maybe you created a bare-bones profile meaning to return to flesh out later, but that task has slipped down your to-do list.

It might be easy to view this giant networking site as a digital CV that it’s fine to leave dormant, but it’s time to reconsider. The truth is, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is more important than you may realise - even if you’re not actively job hunting. Here, we look at some of the reasons why.

1. It will increase your visibility

Whatever your sector, it’s a good idea to have a digital presence of your own - and LinkedIn is the most obvious place to start. One of the reasons for this is that if you Google a person’s name their LinkedIn profile appears towards the top of the search results.

Make it easier for valuable contacts to find you by populating your profile with key words and phrases most relevant to your role and industry. Be as specific as you can with the technical skills, core competencies and completed projects you list.

2. It will build a job-hunting network for later

LinkedIn is a useful way to seek introductions to new and interesting contacts, as well as to keep up with what former colleagues and acquaintances are up to career-wise. These are all important connections for growing a solid network.

Recruitment professionals can prove to be useful contacts, too. At RHL, for example, we’re regularly looking for technical talent who may be suitable matches for one of our roles.

Even if you’re a passive candidate - someone with no immediate plans to change positions - connecting with recruiters now will help you further down the line when you are looking to move.

3. It will keep job hunting secret

Updating large sections of your LinkedIn profile in one sitting is a blatant sign that you’re job hunting (or getting ready to).

So if you can get into the habit of making small, frequent updates to your profile you won’t arouse any suspicions. Plus you’ll be able to keep job hunting private when you do decide to start looking.

4. It will help you move fast when it counts

Having a good LinkedIn profile will help you with job applications, and there are two reasons for this.

First, as perfect job opportunities can appear out of the blue, when do you spot one it pays to be ready to move fast. If you have up-to-date information at your fingertips, it’ll be easier and quicker to put a decent bespoke application together (including a CV that’s tailored to the role).

Second, putting in the groundwork for a good LinkedIn profile means really thinking about which experience, skills and achievements count and how to tell your story in the best way possible.

Like anything, the more you put into your profile, the harder it will work for you in the long term - and in career terms that can only be a positive.

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