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Are you showcasing your company culture during interview?

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They say that making a good impression during an interview is crucial. And that’s as much about what a candidate thinks of a potential employer as the other way round.

Top candidates are always in demand, so it’s crucial to show them what the job, the team and your company itself are about.

Start as you mean to go on

Just by coming to your workplace for an interview, candidates will be able to get a good sense of how they might be treated if they became a permanent staff member.

So make sure every touchpoint is a positive one. From the friendly and prepared welcome they receive when they check in at reception, to the fact they’re not kept waiting before their interview… all these moments contribute towards potential employees viewing you favourably as an employer.

Mirror what candidates find online

Most candidates will have researched your employer brand online before applying for the role, reading employee and customer reviews, gaging your social media presence and generally taking note of your reputation.

Ensure the face-to-face interview process works in tandem with your brand’s online presence, mirroring their digital findings.

Whether it’s videos of employees talking about their career progression at your company, clips of team-building activities or glowing reviews from past staff, aim to cover the same things that make your company special - especially if this content has resonated online.

Know what works for top candidates

Workplace benefits play a key role in candidate attraction, with potential employees looking beyond pay packets for added extras. In fact, research shows that 62% of candidates view perks as a key deciding factor.

Highlight what you’re proud of, whether that’s your training and career development programme, industry mentoring scheme or agile working initiative using collaboration platforms.

Recruiting strong candidates at RHL, we see that a new generation of talent is now looking for companies that align with their personal values - not just skills and experience. That means that any policies around diversity, inclusion and equality, and how you approach corporate ethics as an employer, can be powerful tools.

Showing you support staff’s health and wellbeing at work is also increasingly important, so highlight your mental health policy and demonstrate how that translates to day to day support if it’s needed.

Put your team to work

Which sounds more authentic: an interviewer assuring the candidate that the team they’d be joining is friendly, cohesive and great to be part of? Or a member of the team chatting with that candidate after the interview, introducing them to colleagues and giving them a more informal sense of the company culture?

Being able to talk directly to someone they might end up working with is a chance for the candidate to judge for themself that all the positive things you’ve told them about working with you are true.

It also shows them that employees play a real part in shaping their team, and their input is important to you as an employer.

Showcase company culture afterwards, too

If a candidate isn’t successful, aim to give constructive feedback quickly. This will already mark you out from most employers who don’t bother - and will speak volumes about how you treat people.

Even if they didn’t manage to get a job with you, that candidate could turn out to recommend you to other talent further down the line.

Convincing candidates that you’re the best

Face-to-face interviews are a great chance for you to show who you are, what your company does and why that candidate should join you.

Getting them right is the key to recruiting someone who stays around to help your business grow in the long term. So work hard to spark candidate curiosity – and make it easy for them to picture themselves as part of your team.