Candidate vanish without trace? You’ve just been ghosted

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You’ve been trying to reach your chosen candidate with a job offer, but several phone calls and emails later you’re still met with radio silence.

Or a promising candidate is scheduled for an interview, but they don’t show up - nor do they contact you to say why.

When it comes to recruiting talent for your team these situations probably sound outlandish. After all, isn’t it usually employers who tend not to contact a job hunter again after interview, not even bothering to tell them they’d been unsuccessful?

But now it seems the tables have turned. In the last few years more and more employers are being ‘ghosted’ by candidates who suddenly vanish into thin air.

Ghosting online

The term ‘ghosting’ may have originated in the world of online dating, but being cut off out of the blue by candidates is an alarming trend that has crept into the workplace - and it’s on the rise.

The truth is, ghosting has always existed in some form - whether that’s an employer ghosting a candidate, or the other way round.

People tend to ‘ghost’ to avoid having a difficult conversation with someone. For online dating, perhaps they don’t want to see that person again so leave them hanging without a word. And for job hunters, it could be that they’ve changed their mind about going for the role or have had a better offer.

As we tell our clients at RHL where we recruit high-quality technical professionals, clearly it’s a candidate-driven market so employers must work hard to attract the stellar talent they want.

But this is unprofessional - and basically just rude - behaviour seems to have taken things one step further. And some recruitment experts are shocked by how it can happen even in tight-knit industries where the candidate is bound to realise that vanishing without trace will damage their reputation.

See the warning signs

Just to reassure you: the top performers we recruit through RHL Recruitment are far less likely to act unprofessionally in this way. But it’s definitely worth seeing this phenomenon as a warning sign about what could happen in a hunt for quality candidates.

We’ve already talked about how your organisation can boost its chances of landing the candidate you want - instead of seeing them head for one of your rivals (read our blog post, here).

For example, it’s crucial to have these things baked into your recruitment process:

  • Keep communicating with candidates throughout
  • Know what the candidate wants in terms of salary and benefits
  • Be clear on what you can offer as an employer
  • Move fast on a decision after interview

And of course, another way to prevent ghosting is by using a specialist recruitment agency like RHL Recruitment. We act as a vital linchpin to keep clients and candidates talking throughout the process - making stellar talent far more likely to stay engaged and enthused about your role.

And if your business is ever actually ghosted by a job-hunter? See it as a lucky escape. You found out that a candidate was rude and unprofessional before they became part of your team and could have done some real damage.

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