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RHL Construction and Property bring over 25 years’ experience to construction recruitment, which allows us to understand the trials and difficulties candidates have when finding their next career move.

For some of the UK’s most competitive and exciting construction jobs, look to RHL Construction Recruitment, and our team of dedicated experts, to put you in the positions you’re most excited for in the industry. From bricklaying through to surveying and construction management jobs, we match a wide range of individuals with the roles to match their experience and expertise. So, if you’re looking to progress your career in the construction industry, we can help — matching you with on-site roles, or construction office jobs, depending on what you’re interested in the most.

Having built a network with some of the biggest industries leaders, we are able to gain access to the latest opportunities available. Whether you are a candidate that is looking for a permanent or contract job role, RHL Recruitment have built strong relationships with companies across the UK which could offer your next career move.


Roles we recruit for include:

Construction Materials Site Technicians

Construction Materials Laboratory Technicians / Managers


Quantity Surveyors

Design Engineers


Contracts Managers

Electrical Engineers


Planning and Supply Chain Professionals

Setting Out Engineers




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Martyn showed excellent communication skills. On a personal level, he’s charismatic, a quality that have served him well in his role. 

Adrian Kmiecik
Crane Supervisor

RHL are absolutely fantastic. They were always available, and always had time to talk. The best recruitment agency I have ever worked with.

Dean Kendall
Operations Manager

RHL are one of the most dedicated and commercially astute hiring agency I have come across. They have the ability to build effective working relationships.

James Green
Head of HR

Construction Jobs 

In the UK, the construction industry is constantly growing, and can lead you to a variety of interesting and well-rewarded roles. Whether you’re interested in working in the head office of a large construction firm, or you want to be amongst workers on the sites themselves, we match candidates with roles across the UK, and across the sector, each and every week. 

We also work hard on your behalf to help you achieve the positions that you are most driven to work in and most passionate about contributing to. A conversation with an RHL recruitment specialist will lead you towards the career heights that you want to achieve in the construction sector.

Types of Role

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK, accounting for billions of pounds of expenditure and investment each month. And with the UK population growing, and more houses, office spaces, and towns constantly under construction, this is an excellent time to position yourself into one of the following roles:

  • Site manager – good at managing workers, and keen to get the job done to spec and on time? This might be the best role for you.
  • Technician – do you have a trade qualification or technical skills that you can bring to bear on a site? You’re likely to be highly sought-after in construction firms.
  • Quantity surveyor – those key staff members who ensure that the site and the build are well-managed and safe throughout the construction process
  • Designer – important individuals who help make properties and new-builds looks fantastic
  • Bricklayers and labourers – the most important workers on the site, without whom no new build would even be completed. 
  • Office workers – larger construction firms hire legions of office staff to help manage the multiple sites, stakeholders, and partners with whom they work.

With such a range and variety of roles, the construction industry is an excellent field for those with high ambitions and varying interests, or with specific skills that they want to bring to bear in construction. 

How We Work

Whether the construction jobs you’re looking for are entry level or senior, whether you’re looking for construction management jobs, construction site jobs, or construction office jobs, our experts can help you narrow down and refine your ambitions to match you with the jobs that mean most to you.

Each individual we work with receives a bespoke, friendly service which we’re glad to provide across the UK and across the construction sector, matching happy employers with passionate employees in the construction industry.

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