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If you have qualifications in property-related fields, or an interest in working in the property sector, RHL’s team are at hand to help you match with the property jobs you’re excited to apply for. With hundreds of different positions across a range of technical and non-technical roles, this is your new hub of property jobs in the UK. Our team of advisors and job-hunters will do the leg-work for you, with property recruitment specialists pushing you towards the roles we believe you’re most qualified for.

Our approach is simple but effective: we offer honest and transparent service and are non-bullish. We just want to deliver on our promise to candidates that we will help them find the best job for them in order to move forward in their career. 


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A Range of Roles

When you search for a job through RHL Property Recruitment, you’ll be matched with a number of exciting roles based in the UK — all of which we sort through and help you to prioritise based on your experience, expertise, and knowledge. 

Our advisors are at hand to help you search through a range of different roles, from property management jobs, which require management skills and organisational prowess, to property development jobs, which are all about using your skills in building, construction, and finishing to get properties onto the market.

Your Skills

When you work with a recruitment specialist for RHL, you’re guaranteed someone who will be fighting on your side to secure you the most senior jobs possible within the exciting property sector. When you decide to get in touch with our experts, we’ll take a look over your skills, see what experience you have in the property sector, and we’ll then begin matching you with employers we think you’ll love.

Put your trust in us to help you get your foothold in this exciting industry. We’re well-connected with some of the UK’s most exciting property enterprises, and we work to match people like you with the best roles we can find.

What You’ll Do

Property, like many other fields in the construction space, requires a great many skills and different trained personnel to get the job done. As such, there’s always space for new employees, bringing new skills to the table at most property development firms. The roles they offer include:

  • Valuations – inspecting properties and giving them a market-aligned price tag
  • Property surveyors – the people ticking the boxes on a home’s safety and build
  • Property managers – keeping different homes and complexes safe and ready to sell
  • Property developers – the movers and the shakers getting new properties onto the market

With such a variety of exciting roles, this is the time to get in touch with RHL Property Recruitment experts to find the right role for you.

Our Experience

With decades of collective experience placing the right candidates into the right jobs, our team have a special interest in making your job hunt as pleasant and friction-free as possible. Our friendly specialists are sensitive to your needs, and responsive to your expectations: we strive to match the best workers with the best employers to make for a series of special, long-term relationships in the property space.

If you’re interested in building your career with the help of RHL Property Recruitment specialists, do get in touch! We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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