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Bradley Harper
Senior Consultant
Manufacturing & Product Design

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Bradley is a product design recruiter, podcast person and occasional industry commentator who understands the nuance and world of product design beyond buzzwords and jargon.

He has partnered with brands you love, agencies you admire and start-ups that will define our future.

When not at work, you tend to see Bradley with an Estrella wondering when he can next get out to New Zealand.

Why Work with Brad?


Bradley had been very helpful in finding and connecting me with a great design job which is exactly what I had been looking for as a next step in my career!

Gillian Gole Cruz
Industrial Designer

Bradley was great, the job he recommended suited me perfectly, he was quick with feedback and made it really easy to find a time that suited me.

Andy Mason
Design Manager

Bradley is a fantastic recruiter, he is always very honest even if it doesn't benefit him and has been really helpful in supporting me land my new job. 

Nathan Lyell
Product Design Engineer

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